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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore Cultural Learning is an online platform that offers people a wide range of knowledge on ethical culture and values. It also educates people on the beliefs, customs, behaviors, and practices of different cultures.

By subscribing to Explore Cultural Learning, you gain unlimited access to all current and upcoming sessions and classes. With your annual membership, you can explore diverse classes and sessions led by top experts in various fields such as Cultural and Traditional Values, Arts & Entertainment, Food And Diet, Language Learning, and more.

Additionally, your subscription offers access to smartphone and TV apps, offline lessons for classes, a members-only newsletter, and an inclusive global community.

Experience Explore Cultural Learning’s flexibility, offering learning and inspiration wherever and whenever you choose. Access it via your smartphone, personal computer, Fore-TV Hub streaming media player. In addition, you can download lessons for offline viewing and even enjoy audio-only mode during travel or commutes. * Audio mode is exclusive

Explore Cultural Learning presents various classes spanning categories such as Cultural and Traditional Values, Kids and family values, Community & Governance, Arts & Entertainment, Food And Diet, Language Learning, Alternative Medicine, Spirituality And Faith, Fashion And Design and more. Each class caters for beginners and advanced learners, ensuring accessibility for all. With regular additions to our course catalog, you can acquire practical skills, cultivate newfound interests, and gain valuable insights. *Explore our catalog and view some class trailers.

ECL offers affordable subscription at $6.99/month (billed annually), members gain unlimited access to all classes, including new releases. Your Explore Cultural Learning membership encompasses access to our mobile and TV apps, HD videos, and downloadable class contents.

Taxes may apply to your Explore Cultural Learning subscription based on your location and local regulations. Any applicable taxes will be clearly displayed during the checkout process.


For further queries regarding charged taxes, refer to our Support Helpdesk article on taxes or reach out to us directly.

To halt membership renewal, access your account page and follow cancellation prompts in the Settings section. Kindly be aware that there are no refunds for unused portions of memberships. Feel free to reach out if you need further assistance.

 “Explore Cultural Learning Sessions is a fresh interactive format, offering a chance to learn with global experts through practical projects and a structured curriculum. Engage in active participation, share your work, and receive feedback from peers in a vibrant community. All session materials, presented through pre-recorded videos, remain accessible throughout your membership.”

Via Cultural Events, Conduct Workshops or Presentations, Collaborating with Community Organizations, Language Exchange and Cultural Meetups, Mentorship, and Education and Writing Contributing to Publications. It is important to note that, effective cultural sharing requires respect, openness, and sensitivity. Be mindful of potential cultural misunderstandings, avoid stereotypes, and encourage dialogue and mutual learning. By sharing your cultural knowledge, you contribute to fostering a more inclusive and interconnected society.

ECL can deeply enhance an organization’s Global Business Expansion, Cross-Cultural Communication, Talent Retention and Employee Engagement, Market Understanding, Conflict Resolution and Team Dynamics, Leadership and Decision-Making Social Responsibility, and Ethical Practices. By embracing cultural learning, organizations can create a positive work environment, attract and retain diverse talent, expand their global reach, and foster innovation and collaboration. Cultural competence is increasingly recognized as a key driver of organizational success in today’s multicultural and interconnected world.